Furniture Artisan 

David Langley

I like to build furniture around design concepts, rather than letting the form of the wood dictate the design. These pieces are meant to be more than functional or merely attractive. They should be interesting as well as fashionable and useful. I am not afraid to experiment with form or construction ideas. My style has increasingly incorporated flowing lines and structures that make each piece recognizably open and light. Technique comes from decades of study and work. I love wood and strive to use uncommon varieties from sustainable sources in combination with metal, stone and/or glass to create one-of-a-kind furniture. - David.

David Langley furniture design video

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David Langley Furniture Design is an acclaimed source of distinctive, custom crafted wood furniture. Contemporary furniture pieces use a combination of rich, beautiful woods as well as other natural and manmade materials joined in curving, flowing lines and imaginative forms.