• We have ~7 pieces of furniture designed and built by David, in addition to a built-in desk and surrounding cabinets that he made for our previous home. We first worked with David around 2009-10 and have continued to do so throughout the last 6-7 years. He has made very large pieces in addition to some much smaller pieces (e.g., a knife block and keepsake box). Working with David has consistently been amazing. He is a true professional. For certain projects, we've come to him with a general description of what we were interested in but very little specific direction and he has come back with designs that blew us away. For others, we've had a very particular idea of what we wanted which he enhanced and executed flawlessly. Many years later, the pieces have held up beautifully through a move and 2 young boys. David is meticulous and extremely talented in both design and craftsmanship. I recommend David for any custom furniture work (in addition to his lines sold in stores). I really look forward to working with him again in the future. -Jim
  • Two years ago we (husband and wife) were assigned to our Houston corp. office, shortly after remodeling our kitchen in Perth, Western Australia. The kitchen counter was a Migmatite metamorphic slabwhere I was able to retain the cutout from the oversized sink and cooktop. I wanted to use the stone for a table top. We went through a couple of designs with David Langley, but he came to a brilliant design after he visited our house and saw the Perth furniture we brought with us to Houston and reviewed pictures of our new kitchen in Perth. He understood our vision and produced two table that he named; Pangea and Gondwanaland (we're both geoscience folks). David is a fun guy to work with and I'm sure he'll design and construct sterling custom furniture to meet your wishes. We'd highly recommend working with David Langley. - David C. 
  • "I own several pieces of furniture crafted by David Langley. He is an exceptionally talented woodworker who makes unique, one of kind pieces of furniture. David is meticulous to the point of perfection and has the keen and innovative eye of a master craftsman. One thing I appreciate about David is that he worked closely with me from start to finish on all my projects to ensure I was pleased with the finished product. When I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, David sketched more than one design for me to consider. I particularly like that David took time to share samples of a variety of wood, like purpleheart veneer, that I had never seen before. David Langley will craft a well-built piece of furniture that will last a lifetime." - Jennifer 
  • "David is an artist who uses wood as his medium. He creates function, beauty and art in his furniture. I am proud to have a table he built for me which will be passed down to many generations. "
Keran S.

 David Langley Furniture Design is an acclaimed source of distinctive, hand crafted furniture. His contemporary style uses a combination of rich, beautiful woods as well as other natural and manmade materials combined in curving, flowing lines and imaginative forms.